The 23 Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Little Saigon, Orange County


Brodard is a longtime Little Saigon go-to for trays of Vietnamese-style spring rolls. The family-owned restaurant is so synonymous with Orange County’s Vietnamese community that it opened a location inside John Wayne Airport. At all Brodard locations, visitors savor Diane Dang’s recipes, which have been beloved in Little Saigon since 1996. The restaurant serves Vietnamese rice and noodle soup dishes, along with pastries and jelly-laden tea drinks. But Brodard is best known for its spring rolls. Nem nuong cuon combines slices of grilled pork wrapped in rice paper with romaine lettuce, cucumber spears, carrots, cilantro, long green chives, daikon, and fresh mint. Another version features pork with tender pink shrimp wrapped with crisp lettuce, cilantro, vermicelli noodles, chives, fresh mint, and mung bean sprouts. Wrapped in the delicate rice paper sheets, the rolls resemble translucent sausages. The signature plum sauce used for dipping brings the flavors together and takes the spring rolls to the next level. People often purchase trays at a time for parties and family gatherings. 


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