Happy Feelings is How I Feel About 2nd Annual Inglewood Music Festival


Councilwoman Dione Faulk saluted by Congresswoman Maxine Waters


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Congresswoman Maxine Waters watches as her daughter Karen Waters read Congressional Resolution to Inglewood Councilwoman Dione Faulk (center) at the 2nd Annual Music Festival of the City of Inglewood held on Saturday June 30 at Darby Park. (Kenneth Miller/Photo)

A soft gentle wind breeze on a picturesque final Saturday of June provided the perfect ambiance for Dutri Ryce regal melodies of Frankie Beverly and Maze at the  2nd Annual Music Festival of the City of Inglewood Inglewood hosted by 4th District Councilwoman Dione Faulk on the 19 acre sprawling grounds of Darby Park.

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HAPPY FEELINGS- Scores of spectators lounge in their chairs and on their blankets at the blockbuster City of Inglewood Music Festival at Darby Park on June 30. (Kenneth Miller/Photo)

Ryce offered the ode to Maze with renditions of ‘Happy Feelings’ and ‘Golden Time of Day’ to the delight of the tens of thousands predominantly Black audience who hauled their portable folding chairs and dragged their wagons filled with picnic style entrees and blankets from across Prairie Ave. to the west, Crenshaw to the East and Century to the south and north  of Manchester.

“This says that the renaissance of Inglewood is in full bloom. It isn’t that we just attract mega developments, or we attract sports teams, but we have a community life that has been reborn and people are excited about it,” Inglewood May James T. Butts explained to the South Bay Black Journal.

In between breaks the massive crowd spang from their nylon seats to enthusiastically dance to Mr. C The Slide Man’s Cha-Cha Slide, stepping to the left and stepping to right and sliding in a joyous occasion reminiscent of a family reunion.

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STEP TO THE RIGHT–Getting their slide on at the 2nd Annual Music Festival of The City of Inglewood. (Kenneth Miller/Photo)

For seven hours with performances by the City’s own Inglewood High School Marching Band, Louie Cruz Beltran, Ambrosia ‘That’s How I Feel’ and all the way to the main event of Lakeside for which many of the crowd waited with bated anticipation.

“As you pointed out, my vision was to bring us together, bring new life to Inglewood. I am a younger councilmember coming onto the council. I’ve been here for four years and I am up for reelection in November, but I want to bring more events like this to Inglewood. I want to bring our people together, Black, brown, white Asian, everybody I want us to be able to fellowship and have a good time together and then work hard together there is a lot to do in the city, there’s big business coming in and I want all of our people to come out and bask in our success here in Inglewood,” stated Councilwoman Faulk whose vision it was to create the festival.

Those local sports teams the councilwoman mentioned were responsible for sponsoring the free music event. The Chargers, The Rams and Clippers were instrumental in putting forth the necessary dollars to pay for the performances by the groups on display for the day.

Other elected officials in attendance included Inglewood Councilwoman Gloria Gray, Inglewood Councilmen Eloy Morales and Alex Padilla, Inglewood City Clerk Aisha Thompson and State Senator Steven Bradford. KJLH Radio Free talented on air personality Adai Lamar served as the hostess for the event.

Legendary Congresswoman Maxine Waters was one of the may public officials on hand for what was essentially a cultural celebration but she did not come empty handed.

Rep. Waters, affectionately known by legions as ‘Auntie Maxine’, was joined by her daughter Karen Waters on stage to present a resolution to The City of Inglewood which she represents and Faulk.

“Let me tell you that Inglewood is a great city. All cities have their problems and they have their differences, but it is wonderful when the city can come together despite whatever concerns people have. We can work together and join together and have a good time together and that’s what’s happening today at this festival. Whatever the concerns are it’s not evident because people are eating good food, dancing, singing and enjoying good entertainment and that’s one of the landmarks of Inglewood,” eloquently stated Congresswoman Waters.

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The Hostess with the Most Councilwoman Dion Faulk, the creator of the Music Festival of The City of Inglewood. (Kenneth Miller/Photo)

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